Brendon Gemmill Back in DCRP Victory Lane!

Brendon Gemmill Back in DCRP Victory Lane!

June 15, 2014 0 By admin

Gemmill Win 980Lonnie Wheatley, DODGE CITY, Kan. (June 14, 2014) – Brendon Gemmill snapped a string of bad luck in dramatic fashion with a last-lap win in Saturday night’s 20-lap IMCA Modified main event atop the 3/8-mile Dodge City Raceway Park.

While the two-time track champion scored his first win of the year to become the sixth different Modified feature winner in as many events, Clay Money snared IMCA Sport Modified honors, Scott Drake bested the IMCA Stock Cars, Cody Davis took Thunder Car laurels and Jarett Lunow added another Hornet victory.

While Ponca City, OK, native Gemmill raced into the lead on the third lap from his sixth starting position, he still needed some late-race dramatics to deny Jesse Smith his second win of the season.

After Smith paced the opening pair of laps from the fourth starting position, he chased Gemmill much of the way before racing by on the low side exiting turn four on the 17th lap.  Gemmill changed his line from high to low and pulled alongside Smith in a battle for the win on the final lap.

The duo raced into turn three side-by-side, with Gemmill edging ahead coming off the final corner to snare the win.

“We finally got that monkey off our back, that checkered flag we saw in the heat race was the first kind of win I’ve had all year,” Gemmill commented afterward.

Dylan Sherfick raced from 11th to claim the show position behind Gemmill and Smith with Ryan Heger recapturing the points lead by crossing the stripe in fourth.  Cole Traugott raced from 17th to round out the top five.

Clay Money Win IMCA Sport Mods DCRP 061414In the IMCA Sport Modifieds, Penokee, KS, racer Clay Money made a late move around Josh Appel in the 20-lapper to pick off his first DCRP win of the year.

With Money gridding the feature field ninth, Mike Appel gunned into the lead from the front row outside and paced the field for six circuits until his son Josh Appel battled into the lead on lap seven.

Working his way past reigning track champion Jeff Kaup for second by the time the race’s last caution flew after 13 laps, Money went to work on J. Appel before making the race-winning pass on the 16th round.

Money raced to the line ahead of Kaup with J. Appel, M. Appel and Brendon Damon rounding out the top five.

Joplin, Missouri’s Scott Drake raced forward from the 13th position to take command on the 12th lap then held off Jax teammate Perry Misner for the win in the 20-lapper.

With Drake racing from 13th and Misner coming from 15th after heat race problems, Brett Copeland paced the initial four laps before clipping a tire and flipping in turn four to hand the lead off to Justin Lewis.

Lewis was out front for just one lap before Marlin Hogie took command, with a multi-car battle for the point soon ensuing.  The trio of Hogie, Drake and Misner crossed the stripe to complete lap 11 in three-wide formation with Drake battling ahead for the lead the next time around.

Drake held off Misner over the closing circuits to deny the track points leader his fourth DCRP win of the year.  Tyler Tipton made a late move into third with Hogie and Michael Pepper rounding out the top five.

Cody Davis Win Thunder Cars DCRP 061414In the Thunder Car feature, Bucklin, KS, racer Cody Davis assumed the lead seven laps into the 15-lapper then survived a late skirmish for his second score of the season.

With Davis starting ninth, Norman Carr led the opening round before Tom Reed battled into the lead for a pair of laps.  Sonny O’Hair raced past Reed for the lead on lap four only to spin in turn four three laps later.

Davis took command when O’Hair spun and led the way as O’Hair raced back through the field.  Back up to second with two laps to go, O’Hair got into Davis entering turn three with both spinning and ultimately collecting the top four runners.

Back in the lead on the restart, Davis led the final pair of circuits to take the win ahead of Michael Penrod, Bryan Habiger, Will Bauer and Dustin Walker.

Dodge City’s Jarett Lunow remained perfect in Hornet action, battling past Brandon Bogner for the lead on the third lap then fought off Kohl Ricke the rest of the way in the 12-lapper for his fifth win in as many tries this season.

Racing action resumes at Dodge City Raceway Park on Saturday night, June 28, with the Steve King Memorial, an all open wheel affair featuring NCRA vs. ASCS Sooner Region Sprint Cars along with URSS Sprint Cars.

Dodge City Raceway Park – June 14 Results:

IMCA Modifieds:

First Heat (8 Laps):  1. 3h-Ryan Heger, 2. 7n-William Nusser, 3. 01-Jesse Smith, 4. 66d-Dylan Sherfick, 5. 3c-Casey Jo Gemmill, 6. 22T-Trent Gray, 7. 16-Kevin Gray, 8. 25-Kale Beavers.

Second Heat (8 Laps):  1. 88J-Jack Kirchoff, 2. M15-Mike Martin, 3. 18-Austin Allen, 4. A2-Randy Wilson, 5. 1n-Nick Link, 6. 9-Cole Traugott, 7. 27-Grant Florence, 8. 07r-LaRae Reece.

Third Heat (8 Laps):  1. G3-Brendon Gemmill, 2. 57-Joel Lane, 3. 25p-Mike Petersilie, 4. B2-Bobby Bills, 5. 8r-Jesse Richter, 6. 44-Mike Lunow, 7. 23s-Heath Myers, 8. 2L-Tracy Link.

“A” Feature (20 Laps):  1. G3-Brendon Gemmill, 2. 01-Jesse Smith, 3. 66d-Dylan Sherfick, 4. 3h-Ryan Heger, 5. 9-Cole Traugott, 6. A2-Randy Wilson, 7. 25p-Mike Petersilie, 8. 3c-Casey Jo Gemmill, 9. 18-Austin Allen, 10. B2-Bobby Bills, 11. 7n-William Nusser, 12. M15-Mike Martin, 13. 44-Mike Lunow, 14. 23s-Heath Myers, 15. 25-Kale Beavers, 16. 88J-Jack Kirchoff, 17. 8r-Jesse Richter, 18. 07r-LaRae Reece, 19. 16-Kevin Gray, 20. 27-Grant Florence, 21. 22T-Trent Gray, 22. 2L-Tracy Link, 23. 57-Joel Lane, 24. 1n-Nick Link.


IMCA Sport Modifieds:

First Heat (8 Laps):  1. 44-Austin Walker, 2. 37-Bart Baker, 3. 27g-Kamren Gruber, 4. 201-Nate Ginest, 5. 33m-Lucas Miller, 6. 1s-Cody Stefanski, 7. 81T-Tristen Barton, 8. I3-Adam Stenzel.

Second Heat (8 Laps):  1. 56m-Mike Appel, 2. 92-Jeff Kaup, 3. 7-Clay Money, 4. 33d-Brendon Damon, 5. 10T-Toby Witthuhn, 6. 21J-Jeremy Sigler, 7. 39-Brian May, 8. 7b-Brian Pietz.

Third Heat (8 Laps):  1. 65J-Josh Appel, 2. 22-Randle McRoberts, 3. 33-Jason Lunow, 4. 26n-R.J. Navarro, 5. 12-Kevin Tabor, 6. 55-Robbie Perkins, 7. 32-Shane Redline, 8. 54-Justin Johnson.

“A” Feature (20 Laps):  1. 7-Clay Money, 2. 92-Jeff Kaup, 3. 65J-Josh Appel, 4. 56m-Mike Appel, 5. 33d-Brendon Damon, 6. 37-Bart Baker, 7. 33-Jason Lunow, 8. 21J-Jeremy Sigler, 9. 22-Randle McRoberts, 10. 44-Austin Walker, 11. 10T-Toby Witthuhn, 12. 27g-Kamren Gruber, 13. 12-Kevin Tabor, 14. 26n-R.J. Navarro, 15. 33m-Lucas Miller, 16. 39-Brian May, 17. 55-Robbie Perkins, 18. 32-Shane Redline, 19. 1s-Cody Stefanski, 20. 201-Nate Ginest, 21. I3-Adam Stenzel, 22. 7b-Brian Pietz. DNS: 81T-Tristen Barton, 54-Justin Johnson.


Scott Drake Win IMCA Stock Carss DCRP 061414IMCA Stock Cars:

First Heat (8 Laps):  1. 96-Shane Tillery, 2. 10-Dustin Witthuhn, 3. 80-Rich Wadel, 4. 19-Brett Copeland, 5. 2z-Cody Zimmerman, 6. D44-Randy Dowell, 7. 56-Scott Drake, 8. 20m-Perry Misner.

Second Heat (8 Laps):  1. 2s-Reagan Sellard, 2. 11J-Justin Lewis, 3. 95-Tyler Tipton, 4. 22-Michael Pepper, 5. 33-Marlin Hogie, 6. 58-Kyle Tillery, 7. 57-Josh Crombie.

“A” Feature (20 Laps):  1. 56-Scott Drake, 2. 20m-Perry Misner, 3. 95-Tyler Tipton, 4. 33-Marlin Hogie, 5. 22-Michael Pepper, 6. 11J-Justin Lewis, 7. 57-Josh Crombie, 8. 10-Dustin Witthuhn, 9. 2s-Reagan Sellard, 10. 2z-Cody Zimmerman, 11. 58-Kyle Tillery, 12. 96-Shane Tillery, 13. 80-Rich Wadel, 14. D44-Randy Dowell, 15. 19-Brett Copeland.


Thunder Cars:

First Heat (8 Laps):  1. 72T-Tobby Schield, 2. 9s-Sonny O’Hair, 3. 91d-Cody Davis, 4. 31d-Dustin Walker, 5. 87-Norman Carr, 6. 17-Will Bauer, 7. 007-Bryan Habiger.

Second Heat (8 Laps):  1. 2m-Matt O’Hair, 2. 45p-Michael Penrod, 3. 7-Tom Reed, 4. 75x-Duane Mathes, 5. 44b-David Berger, 6. 42m-Zach McLemore. DNS: 22-Dan Rogers.

“A” Feature (15 Laps):  1. 91d-Cody Davis, 2. 45p-Michael Penrod, 3. 007-Bryan Habiger, 4. 17-Will Bauer, 5. 31d-Dustin Walker, 6. 22-Dan Rogers, 7. 87-Norman Carr, 8. 7-Tom Reed, 9. 72T-Tobby Schield, 10. 2m-Matt O’Hair, 11. 44b-David Berger, 12. 9s-Sonny O’Hair. Disqualified: 75x-Duane Mathes. DNS: 42m-Zach McLemore.


Jarett Lunow Win Hornets DCRP 061414Hornets:

First Heat (6 Laps):  1. 7-Jarett Lunow, 2. 29-Brandon Bogner, 3. 4J-Jarred Nightengale, 4. 18-Kohl Ricke, 5. 10-Marci O’Hair, 6. 17n-Nathan Barton, 7. 65-Zak Moore, 8. 19a-Andy Copeland.

“A” Feature (12 Laps):  1. 7-Jarett Lunow, 2. 18-Kohl Ricke, 3. 29-Brandon Bogner, 4. 17n-Nathan Barton, 5. 4J-Jarred Nightengale, 6. 10-Marci O’Hair, 7. 65-Zak Moore, 8. 19a-Andy Copeland.