DCRP’s Best of 2016 to be Honored January 28

DCRP’s Best of 2016 to be Honored January 28

January 19, 2017 0 By admin

Lonnie Wheatley, DODGE CITY, Kan. (January 19, 2017) – Another big season of racing action is just around the corner with the April 15 season opener at Dodge City Raceway Park less than three months away.

But first, it’s time to honor the top contenders in each of the weekly divisions atop the 3/8-mile clay oval at the Saturday night, January 28, DCRP Award Banquet at the Western Expo Banquet Center located adjacent With another banner season in the books at the picturesque Dodge City Raceway Park in southwest Kansas, all that remains is the annual awards banquet.

Tickets to the event are just $25 per person and must be ordered by January 21 to determine an accurate headcount.  Tickets may be ordered by calling Gina Wilson at 620-339-9873 or Tommie Estes, Jr., at 405-238-8485.

The top ten in points in all five divisions (Precise Racing Products DCRP Sprint Cars, IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Modifieds, IMCA Stock Cars and IMCA Hobby Stocks) that competed in at least 80% of the events will receive trophies and point fund money.

The 2016 season at Dodge City Raceway Park consisted of 16 nights of racing action with Taylor Velasquez (Precise Racing Products DCRP Sprint Cars), Nick Link (IMCA Modifieds), Kevin Tabor (IMCA Sport Modifieds), Michael Pepper (IMCA Stock Cars) and Matt O’Hair (IMCA Hobby Stocks) each capturing track championships.

A look at the top ten in each division from 2016 is as follows:

Champion Taylor Velasquez DCRP Sprint Cars 8x10 Text 650Precise Racing Products DCRP Sprint Cars:

Turpin’s Taylor Velasquez posted four wins among his ten finishes among the top-five in 12 events with no finish worse than eighth en route to his first DCRP championship.  Velasquez took the crown by 50 markers over Wichita veteran Mike Peters with 2015 champ Luke Cranston in third.

Feature Winners: Taylor Velasquez 4, Luke Cranston 2, Jake Bubak 1, Brian Herbert 1, C.J. Johnson 1, Tyler Knight 1, Jason Martin 1, Koby Walters 1.

Current Top Ten in Points:  1. Taylor Velasquez (Turpin, OK) 1,694, 2. Mike Peters (Wichita, KS) 1,644, 3. Luke Cranston (Ness City, KS) 1,568, 4. Tyler Knight (Spearville, KS) 1,519, 5. Jordan Knight (Wright, KS) 1,394, 6. Brian Herbert (Dodge City, KS) 1,363, 7. Kris Moore (Dodge City, KS) 1,358, 8. Koby Walters (Liberal, KS) 1,308, 9. Tracey Hill (Liberal, KS) 1,200, 10. Brandon Sprott (Dodge City, KS) 1,132.

Total Competitors: 55

Perfect Attendance (12 of 12): Taylor Velasquez, Mike Peters, Tyler Knight, Jordan Knight, Kris Moore.


Champion Nick Link Mods 8x10 650IMCA Modifieds:

It all came down to the final night with Rolla’s Nick Link emerging from an intense three-way battle for the crown over Ryan Heger and William Nusser.  Link took his first DCRP title by just six points.

Feature Winners: Cole Traugott 6, Brendon Gemmill 2, Cody Gearhart 1, Mike Lunow 1, William Nusser 1, Clay Sellard 1.

Current Top Ten in Points:  1. Nick Link (Rolla, KS) 1,504, 2. Ryan Heger (Hugoton, KS) 1,498, 3. William Nusser (Larned, KS) 1,485, 4. Kale Beavers (Pierceville, KS) 1,470, 5. Joel Lane (Ulysses, KS) 1,463, 6. Mike Lunow (Dodge City, KS) 1,438, 7. Tom Beavers (Pierceville, KS) 1,407, 8. Tracy Link (Rolla, KS) 1,362, 9. Jack Kirchoff (Garden City, KS) 1,326, 10. Jesse Smith (Dodge City, KS) 1,322.

Total Competitors: 40

Perfect Attendance (12 of 12): Nick Link, Ryan Heger, William Nusser, Kale Beavers, Joel Lane, Mike Lunow, Tom Beavers, Tracy Link, Jesse Smith.


Champion Kevin Tabor Sport Mods 8x10 Text 650IMCA Sport Modifieds:

Finishing among the top ten in all 13 feature events was enough for Dodge City’s Kevin Tabor to unseat Jeff Kaup from the role of IMCA Sport Modified champion.  Tabor posted podium finishes in three of the final five events of the year to secure the title by a 33-point margin.

Feature Winners: Jeff Kaup 5, Daylon Bergeron 1, Robert Elliott 1, Daren Hacker 1, Kaleb Roach 1, Mike Roach 1, Jeremy Sigler 1, Dakota Sproul 1, Toby Witthuhn 1.

Current Top Ten in Points:  1. Kevin Tabor (Dodge City, KS) 1,767, 2. Jeff Kaup (Woodward, OK) 1,734, 3. Kyle Wiens (Newton, KS) 1,635, 4. Brian May (Spearville, KS) 1,626, 5. Alex Wiens (Newton, KS) 1,546, 6. Bart Baker (Dodge City, KS) 1,452, 7. Jamie French (Hugoton, KS) 1,355, 8. Jeremy Sigler (Great Bend, KS) 1,191, 9. Tanner Brunson (Minneola, KS) 1,097, 10. Toby Witthuhn (Garden City, KS) 1,043.

Total Competitors: 51

Perfect Attendance (13 of 13):  Kevin Tabor, Jeff Kaup, Kyle Wiens, Brian May, Alex Wiens.


Champion Michael Pepper IMCA Stock Cars 040216 8x10 650IMCA Stock Cars:

Lakin’s Michael Pepper dominated in the IMCA Stock Car ranks by picking up nine wins in 12 events as he raced to a second consecutive track title by a hefty 134-point margin over Chris Oliver, who snared runner-up point honors on the final night.

Feature Winners: Michael Pepper 9, Angel Munoz 1, Jason Rogers 1, Tyler Tipton 1.

Total Competitors: 29

Current Top Ten in Points:  1. Michael Pepper (Lakin, KS) 1,749, 2. Chris Oliver (Holcomb, KS) 1,615, 3. Marlin Hogie (Ulysses, KS) 1,611, 4. Brett Copeland (Fowler, KS) 1,442, 5. Ryan Grubbs 774, 6. Shannon Maughlin (Dighton, KS) 741, 7. Dusty Witthuhn (Bazine, KS) 691, 8. Ondre Rexford 519, 9. Mike Warta 504, 10. Jack Pepper (Lakin, KS) 499.

Perfect Attendance (12 of 12): Michael Pepper, Chris Oliver, Marlin Hogie.


Champion Matt O'Hair Hobby Stocks 8x10 Text 650IMCA Hobby Stocks:

Laverne’s Matt O’Hair finished outside the top ten just one time in 13 starts as he charged to the IMCA Hobby Stock title by 113 points over Bryan Habiger.

Feature Winners: Cody Davis 3, David Berger 3, Matt O’Hair 3, Reagan Sellard 2, Shannon Anderson 1, Bryan Habiger 1.

Current Top Ten in Points:  1. Matt O’Hair (Laverne, OK) 1,827 2. Bryan Habiger (Ingalls, KS) 1,714, 3. Duane Wahrman (Pratt, KS) 1,664, 4. Reagan Sellard (Bucklin, KS) 1,662, 5. Jacob Huse (Kinsley, KS) 1,617, 6. Tom Reed (Kalvesta, KS) 1,605, 7. Tyler Walker (Dighton, KS) 1,602, 8. Cody Davis (Bucklin, KS) 1,530, 9. David Berger (Dodge City, KS) 1,293, 10. Tobby Schield (Sublette, KS) 1,030.

Total Competitors: 30

Perfect Attendance (13 of 13): Matt O’Hair, Bryan Habiger, Jacob Huse, Tom Reed, Tyler Walker.


Following the Saturday night, January 28, DCRP Awards Banquet, the 2017 slate of 14 events begins with a full slate of Opening Night championship chase action on Saturday night, April 15.

Dodge City Raceway Park is located on the south edge of Dodge City, KS, on US 283, then 0.9 miles west on US 56, then 0.1 miles south.  For more information, contact the track at 620-225-3277 or check www.dodgecityraceway.com.