Five Drivers Earn 2012 Championships!

Five Drivers Earn 2012 Championships!

October 23, 2012 0 By admin

Lonnie Wheatley, DODGE CITY, Kan. (October 23, 2012) – Fourteen nights of racing action over eleven different weekends; that’s what the 2012 season at Dodge City Raceway Park consisted of.  And, when the final checkered flag of the year flew on September 29, five different drivers had earned the title of “champion” at DCRP.

Those earning championship included Brendon Gemmill (IMCA Modifieds), Bart Baker (United Wireless IMCA Sport Modifieds), Perry Misner (IMCA Stock Cars), Dan Rogers (Poor Boy Kustomz Thunder Cars) and Dewayne Bowman (Hornets).

The top ten in each class will be honored at the Dodge City Raceway Park Awards Banquet set for Saturday night, November 10, at the Knights of Columbus building at 800 West Frontview Street in Dodge City, KS.

A look at the 2012 season…


IMCA Modifieds:

Despite missing a pair of nights along the way, Ponca City, Oklahoma’s Brendon Gemmill rallied for his second consecutive DCRP championship.  Gemmill entered the final night of action one point behind Woodward, Oklahoma’s Cole Traugott in the title chase.  But, when Traugott suffered what ultimately proved to be race-ending front end woes in the early going of the finale, Gemmill was able to sew up the title by 17 points with a runner-up finish.

The IMCA Modifieds battled it over 13 different nights, with Gemmill snaring five wins in 11 outings on the way to the crown with nine top-fives.  Traugott edged Beau Davis by one point for runner-up honors, with Jesse Smith and final night winner Ryan Heger rounding out the top five.

Total Competitors: 62

Perfect Attendance: Beau Davis, Cole Traugott.

Feature Winners: Brendon Gemmill 5, Troy Gemmill 2, David Murray 2, Cody Gearhart 1, Ryan Heger 1, Grant Junghans 1, Mike Martin 1.

Final Top Ten in Points: 1. Brendon Gemmill 411, 2. Cole Traugott 394, 3. Beau Davis 393, 4. Jesse Smith 368, 5. Ryan Heger 363, 6. Ryan Link 338, 7. Van Gemmill 336, 8. Mike Martin 322, 9. Austin Allen 311, 10. Kevin Gray 304.


United Wireless IMCA Sport Modifieds:

Bart Baker’s consistency that included divisions bests of nine top-fives and 11 top-tens in a dozen events propelled him to the IMCA Sport Modified title by a 27-point margin over Josh Appel with Toby Witthuhn, Mike Appel and Larry Grady rounding out the top five.

Baker was one of three drivers to snare two victories, with his triumphs coming on May 4 and September 1.  Clay Sellard and Mike Wadel also posted a pair of victories, while Trent Kleweno topped the win charts with three triumphs in his four DCRP appearances.

Total Competitors: 37

Perfect Attendance: Josh Appel, Mike Appel, Bart Baker, Larry Grady, Toby Witthuhn.

Feature Winners: Trent Kleweno 3, Bart Baker 2, Clay Sellard 2, Mike Wadel 2, Jeff Kaup 1, Bryan LaRiviere 1, Austin Walker 1.

Final Top Ten in Points: 1. Bart Baker 437, 2. Josh Appel 410, 3. Toby Witthuhn 400, 4. Mike Appel 380, 5. Larry Grady 367, 6. Clay Sellard 356, 7. Andy Barton 320, 8. Brian May 279, 9. Jeff Kaup 275, 10. Mike Wadel 214.


IMCA Stock Cars:

Perry Misner broke out of the gates quickly by winning the first three races of the season and another pair of wins in the final nine nights to capture the Stock Car title by a comfortable 53-point margin over Dusty Witthuhn, with Mel Law, Reagan Sellard and Brett Copeland rounding out the top five.

Witthuhn came on strong over the latter portion with three wins in the final six events to surge to second in points.

Total Competitors: 44

Perfect Attendance: Brett Copeland.

Feature Winners: Perry Misner 5, Dusty Witthuhn 3, Michael Pepper 1, Billy Phelps 1, Nick Tubbs 1, Rod Wadel 1.

Final Top Ten in Points:  1. Perry Misner 4104, 2. Dusty Witthuhn 357, 3. Mel Law 354, 4. Reagan Sellard 341, 5. Brett Copeland 336, 6. Justin Temaat 315, 7. Billy Phelps 291, 8. Michael Pepper 261, 9. Sonny O’Hair 242, 10. Keith Riley 224.


 Poor Boy Kustomz Thunder Cars:

The Thunder Cars offered up eight different winners in 11 nights of action, besting 7 different winners in Modifieds and Sport Modifieds and six winners in Stock Cars.

When the dust finally settled, it was Dan Rogers emerging with the championship on the strength of eight podium finishes in 11 events including triumphs on May 4 and September 2.  Never finishing outside the top ten, Rogers took the title with a 48-point advantage over Cody Davis with Scott Messino, Bryan Habiger and Dustin Walker rounding out the top five.

Total Competitors: 40

Perfect Attendance: Cody Davis, Kim Frodin, Bryan Habiger, Scott Messino, Tom Reed, Dan Rogers.

Feature Winners: Cody Davis 2, Dan Rogers 2, Shelby Staple 2, Edwin Elliott 1, Bryan Habiger 1, Randle McRoberts 1, Scott Messino 1, Toby Schield 1.

Final Top Ten in Points:  1. Dan Rogers 418, 2. Cody Davis 370, 3. Scott Messino 366, 4. Bryan Habiger 349, 5. Dustin Walker 335, 6. Kim Frodin 333, 7. W.D. Matteson 324, 8. Tom Reed 315, 9. Randle McRoberts 298, 10. Adam Duesing 243.



While the other four divisions battled it out on the 3/8-mile clay oval, the wild and wacky hornets buzzed around the inner asphalt oval.  And, the Hornet point battle was just as intense with the final outcome not settled until the final checkered flag flew.

When all was done, Dewayne Bowman edged young Jarett Lunow for Hornet honors by just three points with Brandon Sprott, Derrick Sprott and Brandon Bogner rounding out the top five.

Total Competitors: 30

Perfect Attendance: Brandon Bogner, Dewayne Bowman, Cheryl Copeland, Jarett Lunow, Jarred Nightengale, Marci O’Hair, Brandon Sprott, Derrick Sprott.

Feature Winners: Brandon Sprott 3, Dewayne Bowman 2, Dillan Brown 1, Jarett Lunow 1.

Final Top Ten in Points:  1. Dwayne Bowman 269, 2. Jarrett Lunow 266, 3. Brandon Sprott 258, 4. Derrick Sprott 250, 5. Brandon Bogner 232, 6. Cheryl Copeland 214, 7. Jarred Nightengale 211, 8. Marci O’Hair 209, 9. Kenneth O’Hair 207, 10. James Phelps 169.


Dodge City Raceway Park’s five championship classes combined for a total of 213 different competitors that took in at least one night of competition over the course of 2012 with 32 different drivers winning at least one feature event.

Dodge City Raceway Park is located on the south edge of Dodge City, KS, on US 283, then 0.9 miles west on US 56, then 0.1 miles south.  For more information, contact the track at 620-225-3277 or check