Herring Headlines Night of First Time Winners at DCRP!

Herring Headlines Night of First Time Winners at DCRP!

June 16, 2013 0 By admin

Mod Feature Start 980Lonnie Wheatley, DODGE CITY, Kan. (June 15, 2013) – Another heated night of racing action netted another group of new faces in victory lane with Jon Herring, Jr., headlining four drivers capturing first time feature victories at Dodge City Raceway Park by topping Saturday night’s 20-lap IMCA Modified main event.

While Herring snared his first win at the track in Modifieds, other drivers capturing first career triumphs atop the 3/8-mile clay oval included Mike Shenberger in United Wireless IMCA Sport Modifieds, Marlin Hogie in IMCA Stock Cars and Matt O’Hair in Thunder Cars.

While the four first-time winners ran the total to 18 different winners in 19 championship feature events atop the DCRP clay oval, Jarett Lunow reeled off his fourth win in five Hornet outings atop the inner asphalt oval.

Jon Herring Jr IMCA Modified Win DCRP 061513In the IMCA Modified feature, Woodward, Oklahoma’s Jon Herring, Jr., made the most of his pole starting position by wiring the field for his first DCRP score, weathering three caution periods over the initial eleven rounds before keeping Ryan Heger and new point leader Cody Gearhart at bay over the final nine rounds.

“The engine was laying down the last part of the race, we got one at Liberal last week and now this so we’ve finally got things rolling,” Herring, Jr., explained.

While Herring, Jr., snared his first win, Heger took second from Kevin Gray in the initial handful of rounds and held second the rest of the way.  Gray held third until the 13th lap when contact while battling for position forced him to the infield.

Running sixth after the final caution with nine laps remaining, Gearhart picked off a pair of positions before taking over third for keeps on the 15th round.  Mike Martin was fourth, with Nick Link rounding out the top five.

Just like fellow Woodward, OK, shoe Herring, Mike Shenberger took advantage of the pole starting position in the 20-lap United Wireless IMCA Sport Modified main event, fending off points leader Jeff Kaup for his first DCRP score.

With Shenberger leading the way, tenth-starter Kaup took second away from Austin Walker on a lap 13 restart and was pressuring Shenberger for the point when one final caution flew just two laps from the end.

Shenberger held firm over the final pair of laps, with Kaup settling for runner-up honors.  Walker claimed the show position, with Clay Sellard and Josh Appel rounding out the top five.

Marlin Hogie IMCA Stock Car Win DCRP 061513In a hard-fought IMCA Stock Car 15-lapper, Marlin Hogie of Ulysses, KS, emerged atop a torrid four and sometimes five-car battle for the top spot in a feature that was less than a lap  from going non-stop before a late caution set up a green-white-checkered dash to the stripe.

While Hogie started third, front row outside starter Dusty Witthuhn gunned into the early lead and paced the early rounds just ahead of Hogie and Brandon Fisher, with points leader Billy Phelps soon joining in on the lead chase.

As the top four battled for the lead, Hogie took advantage as traffic came into play and raced into the lead on the tenth round with Fisher following suit and Phelps into third by the time a caution flew on the final lap.

With Hogie leading the way on the restart, Fisher battled into the lead as the white flag flew only to have Hogie battle back on the low side of the track to snare the win.  Fisher settled for second in front of Phelps and Witthuhn with Ron Rich rounding out the top five.

In Thunder Car action, Laverne, Oklahoma’s Matt O’Hair took quick advantage of a Cody Davis miscue on a restart and then held strong the rest of the way in the 15-lapper to secure his first DCRP win.

With O’Hair starting sixth, front row outside starter Travis Penrod paced the opening round before Davis charged into the lead from the fifth starting position.

After an early bobble cost him several positions, O’Hair battled back into second position behind Davis by the time a caution flew with six laps in the books.  And when Davis stumbled on the start, O’Hair raced into a lead he wouldn’t relinquish despite heavy pressure from Davis and Edwin Elliott, who limped to the infield after clipping an infield tire while trying to slip around a lapped car as the white flag flew.

O’Hair was chased to the stripe by Davis, with Dustin Walker, W.D. Matteson and David Shumard rounding out the top five.

Jarett Lunow Hornet Win DCRP 061513In Hornet action, Dodge City’s Lunow worked his way around Marci O’Hair on the fifth lap and checked out over the final half of the 12-lapper for his fourth win of the season in front of Brandon Bogner and Brendon O’Hair.

Next up at Dodge City Raceway Park on Saturday night, June 29, are the URSS Sprint Cars along with the IMCA Modifieds, United Wireless IMCA Sport Modifieds and IMCA Stock Cars with the World of Outlaws Sprint Cars Boot Hill Showdown to follow on July 5-6.  Tickets to the Boot Hill Showdown are available at http://dirtcar.ticketforce.com/eventperformances.asp?evt=89.

Dodge City Raceway Park – June 15 Results:

IMCA Modifieds:

First Heat (8 Laps):  1. 25-Kale Beavers, 2. 16-Kevin Gray, 3. 18-Austin Allen, 4. 3h-Ryan Heger, 5. 05-Rick Taylor, 6. 36-Travis Simmons, 7. A2-Randy Wilson.

Second Heat (8 Laps):  1. M15-Mike Martin, 2. 01x-Beau Davis, 3. 7n-William Nusser, 4. 1n-Nick Link, 5. 96-Jon Herring, 6. B38-Jimmy Berends, 7. 2-Tracy Link.

Third Heat (8 Laps):  1. 96jr-Jon Herring, Jr., 2. 01-Jesse Smith, 3. 1m-Cody Gearhart, 4. 88j-Jack Kirchoff, 5. 00-Rodney Chaffin, 6. 22-Nick Shenberger, 7. 22T-Trent Gray.

“A” Feature (20 Laps):  1. 96jr-Jon Herring, Jr., 2. 3h-Ryan Heger, 3. 1m-Cody Gearhart, 4. M15-Mike Martin, 5. 1n-Nick Link, 6. 01-Jesse Smith, 7. 88j-Jack Kirchoff, 8. 25-Kale Beavers, 9. 7n-William Nusser, 10. 00-Rodney Chaffin, 11. 96-Jon Herring, 12. 01x-Beau Davis, 13. 22T-Trent Gray, 14. 05-Rick Taylor, 15. 18-Austin Allen, 16. 22-Nick Shenberger, 17. B38-Jimmy Berends, 18. 16-Kevin Gray, 19. 36-Travis Simmons. DNS: A2-Randy Wilson, 2-Tracy Link.


Mike Shenberger IMCA Sport Mod Win DCRP 061513United Wireless IMCA Sport Modifieds:

First Heat (8 Laps):  1. 44-Austin Walker, 2. 92-Jeff Kaup, 3. 65j-Josh Appel, 4. 4p-Daylon Bergeron, 5. 91-Donald Kaup, 6. 55d-Don Strecker, 7. 7b-Brian Peitz, 8. 10T-Toby Witthuhn, 9. 31-Raymond Blackburn.

Second Heat (8 Laps):  1. 83-Mike Shenberger, 2. 85c-Clay Sellard, 3. 2c-Matthew Crowell, 4. 56m-Mike Appel, 5. 2-Colby Hagans, 6. 3*-Adam Stenzel, 7. 39j-Jordan Meyer, 8. 75-Randle McRoberts, 9. 33m-Lucas Miller.

“A” Feature (20 Laps):  1. 83-Mike Shenberger, 2. 92-Jeff Kaup, 3. 44-Austin Walker, 4. 85c-Clay Sellard, 5. 65j-Josh Appel, 6. 4p-Daylon Bergeron, 7. 10T-Toby Witthuhn, 8. 91-Donald Kaup, 9. 39j-Jordan Meyer, 10. 55d-Don Strecker, 11. 33m-Lucas Miller, 12. 3*-Adam Stenzel, 13. 7b-Brien Peitz, 14. 56m-Mike Appel, 15. 31-Raymond Blackburn, 16. 75-Randle McRoberts, 17. 2c-Matthew Crowell, 18. 2-Colby Hagans.


IMCA Stock Cars:

First Heat (8 Laps):  1. 33-Marlin Hogie, 2. 57-Josh Crombie, 3. 2z-Cody Zimmerman, 4. 07-Justin Temaat, 5. 00-Shane Matile, 6. 18r-Brandon Sprott, 7. 2s-Reagan Sellard, 8. 88-Mel Law, 9. 11-Ron Rich.

Second Heat (8 Laps):  1. 10-Dusty Witthuhn, 2. 14-Brandon Fisher, 3. 11m-Billy Phelps, 4. 11j-Justin Lewis, 5. 064-Cody Orth, 6. 19-Brett Copeland, 7. 55-Keith Riley, 8. 9-Derrick Sprott.

“A” Feature (15 Laps):  1. 33-Marlin Hogie, 2. 14-Brandon Fisher, 3. 11m-Billy Phelps, 4. 10-Dusty Witthuhn, 5. 11-Ron Rich, 6. 19-Brett Copeland, 7. 18r-Brandon Sprott, 8. 9-Derrick Sprott, 9. 2s-Reagan Sellard, 10. 11j-Justin Lewis, 11. 2z-Cody Zimmerman, 12. 57-Josh Crombie, 13. 064-Cody Orth, 14. 55-Keith Riley, 15. 07-Justin Temaat, 16. 00-Shane Matile. DNS: 88-Mel Law.


Matt O'Hair Thunder Car Win DCRP 061513Thunder Cars:

First Heat (8 Laps):  1. 91d-Cody Davis, 2. 67-Edwin Elliott, 3. 58r-Rob Sellard, 4. 00-David Shumard, 5. 7-Tom Reed, 6. 8-Will Bauer, 7. 31d-Dustin Walker. DNS: 84x-Ray Wolf.

Second Heat (8 Laps):  1. 2m-Matt O’Hair, 2. 45p-Michael Penrod, 3. 11m-W.D. Matteson, 4. 44b-David Berger, 5. 007-Bryan Habiger, 6. 25-Adam Duesing, 7. 006-Kim Frodin.

“A” Feature (15 Laps):  1. 2m-Matt O’Hair, 2. 91d-Cody Davis, 3. 31d-Dustin Walker, 4. 11m-W.D. Matteson, 5. 00-David Shumard, 6. 44b-David Berger, 7. 7-Tom Reed, 8. 007-Bryan Habiger, 9. 006-Kim Frodin, 10. 67-Edwin Elliott, 11. 25-Adam Duesing, 12. 45p-Michael Penrod, 13. 58r-Rob Sellard, 14. 8-Will Bauer. DNS: 84x-Ray Wolf.



First Heat (6 Laps):  1. 7-Jarett Lunow, 2. 11m-James Phelps, 3. 29-Brandon Bogner, 4. 10-Marci O’Hair, 5. 9b-Brendon O’Hair, 6. 17j-James Nightengale, 7. 19c-Cheryl Copeland.

“A” Feature (10 Laps):  1. 7-Jarett Lunow, 2. 29-Brandon Bogner, 3. 9b-Brendon O’Hair, 4. 10-Marci O’Hair, 5. 17j-James Nightengale, 6. 19c-Cheryl Copeland, 7. 11m-James Phelps.