Little DCRP Closes Out Season with Biggest Car Count Yet

September 15, 2019 0 By admin

Lonnie Wheatley, DODGE CITY, Kan. (September 15, 2019) – The curtains came down on the inaugural season of the 1/7-mile Little DCRP clay oval with a season-high count of 63 Micro Sprints and Karts on hand for Sunday afternoon’s finale.

Three drivers finished out championship seasons with feature wins on Sunday including Tanner Johnson in Winged “A” Class, Trey Zorn in Restricted “A” Class and Deek McRoberts Novice Junior Sprints.

Zorn’s win was his seventh in seven features, McRoberts made it six for seven and it was Johnson’s fourth win after topping the initial three features of the season.

Other Micro Sprint Car winners on Sunday included Shae Ricke in the Non-Wing “A” Class and Briggs Williams in in the Advanced Junior Sprint division. It was Williams’ third win of the year while Ricke snared his first win before nearly making it a two-win day after a rousing duel with Johnson in the Winged “A” Class main event.

Along with Jonson, Zorn and McRoberts, other Micro Sprint champions include Zak Moore in the Non-Wing “A” Class and Keenan Hernandez in Advanced Junior Sprints.

In Kart action Reise Ochs finished out the season with his third win in a row in the Junior Karts, Jaden Smith added his third win in Adult Karts and Trevor Smith picked up his second Open Outlaw Kart victory.

Little DCRP Kart champions include Caleb Crockett in Open Outlaw Karts, Gage Robertson in Adult Karts and Caleb Berthof in Junior Karts.

While the 1/7-mile Little DCRP clay oval is done for the 2019 season, the 3/8-mile has one more monster weekend coming up with the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars next weekend on Friday and Saturday (September 20-21).

The Finishes:

Winged “A” Class:  1. 86-Tanner Johnson, 2. 27-Shae Ricke, 3. 49-Zak Moore, 4. 3z-Trey Zorn, 5. 34-John Farr, 6. 46-Chris Hickman, 7. 18-Kevin Tabor, 8. 80-Cody Caldwell, 9. 43-Richard Wilmore, 10. 9-Jaden Holder (DNS).

Non-Wing “A” Class:  1. 27-Shae Ricke, 2. 49-Zak Moore, 3. 7-Ben Barbo, 4. 9-Jaden Holder.

Restricted “A:” Class:  1. 3z-Trey Zorn, 2. 72-Kye Ricke, 3. 49-Ace Moore (DNS).

Junior Sprints (Advanced):  1. 49-Briggs Williams, 2. 3k-Keenan Hernandez, 3. 14-Jayce Caldwell, 4. 49h-Isabella Holt, 5. 70-Chase Farr, 6. 9k-Kollin Washburn, 7. 57a-Aidan Cox.

Junior Sprints (Novice):  1. 75-Deekan McRoberts, 2. 1-Cam Smith, 3. 77-Brody Caldwell, 4. 05J-Jett Pack, 5. 57b-Bryan Isenbart, 6. 8-Maiz Blackburn, 7. 98-Maddox Tabor (DNS).

Open Outlaw Karts:  1. 2T-Trevor Smith, 2. 75-Randle McRoberts, 3. 12-Caleb Crockett, 4. 01-Jesse Smith, 5. 14-Brian Rogers, 6. 7-Steven Blackburn, 7. 57-Tanner Brunson.

Adult Karts:  1. 21-Jaden Smith, 2. 8J-Jared Smith, 3. 44-Jonathan Smith, 4. 212-Daniel Williams, 5. 38-Kohl Ricke, 6. 9x-Dakota Schellhamer, 7. 5-Gage Robertson, 8. 7r-Kris Moore, 9. 22-Brian ay, 10. 15-Maurice Andrews (DNS).

Junior Karts:  1. 1x-Reise Ochs, 2. 01jr-Rase Smith, 3. 21c-Caleb Berthof, 4. 22p-Ryley Perkins, 5. 54c-Caleb Gresty, 6. 51-Caleb Peterson, 7. 4x-Casey Schaffer, 8. 2d-Kaden Webb, 9. 4-Kinser Schaffer, 10. 8T-Travis Peck, 11. 81J-Max Cunningham, 12. 15-Lilly Blackburn, 13. 33-Ashton Farr.


Dodge City Raceway Park and the Little DCRP clay oval is located on the south edge of Dodge City, KS, on US 283, then 0.9 miles west on US 56, then 0.1 miles south.  For more information, contact the track at 620-225-3277 or check