Little DCRP Day of Firsts – Eight Capture Initial Feature Wins!

May 19, 2019 0 By admin

Lonnie Wheatley, DODGE CITY, Kan. (May 19, 2019) – It was a day of firsts at Dodge City Raceway Park on Sunday with the first event completed atop the newly-constructed 1/7-mile Little DCRP clay oval.

The original attempt to christen the Little DCRP clay oval was interrupted after heat race action by inclement weather.

 A total of 52 competitors took part in Micro Sprint and Kart action on Sunday with eight drivers etching their names into the record books as first time Little DCRP winners, including some in unprecedented fashion.

Little DCRP will be back in action with Round Three on Sunday, June 2, with racing to begin at 4:00 p.m.

Winged “A” Class

Tanner Johnson was the class of the field all day, winning both is heat race and his qualifier and then pacing the field the entire feature distance with Zak Moore fending off Kohl Ricke for runner-up honors.

The finish:  1. 86-Tanner Johnson, 2. 49-Zak Moore, 3. 65-Kohl Ricke, 4. 15m-Mercedies Vogts, 5. 23-John Todd, 6. 08-David Witzke, 7. 4-Cecil Milhon, 8. 46-Chris Hickman, 9. 12-Jim Witzke (DNS), 10. 80-Cody Caldwell (DNS).

Non-Wing “A” Class

Zak Moore and Kohl Ricke split heat and qualifying race wins before Moore held the latter off for the feature win.  Moore goes down as the first ever Little DCRP feature winner as the Non-Wing main event kicked off the eight features.

The finish:  1. 49-Zak Moore, 2. 65-Kohl Ricke, 3. 15m-Mercedies Vogt, 4. 9-Jaden Holden.

Restricted “A” Class

After winning his heat and his qualifier, Trey Zorn chose to start tailback and took command midway through when Ace Moore looped it in turn two.

The finish:  1. 3z-Trey Zorn, 2. 49-Ace Moore, 3. 15h-Harley Vogts.

Junior Sprints

Briggs Williams literally drove the wheels off his car in the Advanced Junior Sprints, with a left rear tire flying off as he exited turn four with the checkered flag in sight.  After a quick loop, Williams motored it across the finish line on three wheels to secure the win while Jayce Caldwell spun out of the runner-up position simultaneously.

Meanwhile, in the Novice Junior Sprints, Deekan McRoberts was an unstoppable force all day.

The finishes:

Advanced (9-12):  1. 49-Briggs Williams, 2. 3k-Keenan Hernandez, 3. 14-Jayce Caldwell, 4. 57a-Aidan Cox.

Novice (5-8):  1. 75-Deekan McRoberts, 2. 98-Maddox Tabor, 3. 77-Brody Caldwell, 4. 05J-Jett Pack, 5. 8-Maiz Blackburn, 6. 57b-Bryan Isenbart (DNS).

Adult Karts

Teejay Janousek withstood race long pressure from Ryan Richmeier to post the victory.

The finish:  1. 10-Teejay Janousek, 2. 0-Ryan Richmeier, 3. 21-Jaden Smith, 4. 5-Gage Robertson, 5. 212-Daniel Williams, 6. 12-Caleb Crockett, 7. 9x-Dakota Schellhammer, 8. 7b-Brian May, 9. 3L-Austin Lampe, 10. 44-Jonathan Smith, 11. 13-Derek Robbins, 12. 75-Randle McRoberts, 13. 57-Tanner Brunson.

Junior Karts

After Aidan Correll topped the initial heat, Caleb Berthof made the most of his first day of racing by winning the qualifier and then romping to victory lane in the feature.

The finish:  1. 21c-Caleb Berthof, 2. 38-Kyle Ricke, 3. 22p-Perkins, 4. 22-Adian Correll, 5. 1x-Reise Ochs, 6. 8T-Travis Pack, 7. 4-Kinser Schaffer.

Outlaw Cage Karts

Rex Garrison cashed in on Chad Garrison’s misfortune, taking command for keeps in the closing rounds when the latter suffered with a balky motor after dominating the early portion.

The finish:  1. 43-Rex Garrison, 2. 11x-Michael Cummins, 3. 6-Chad Garrison, 4. 20-Joshua Neitling, 5. 9-Dustin Lampe (DNS).


Dodge City Raceway Park and the Little DCRP clay oval is located on the south edge of Dodge City, KS, on US 283, then 0.9 miles west on US 56, then 0.1 miles south.  For more information, contact the track at 620-225-3277 or check