More Sunday Winners at Little DCRP

August 16, 2020 0 By admin

Lonnie Wheatley, DODGE CITY, Kan. (August 16, 2020) – The 1/7-mile Little DCRP clay oval hosted the penultimate round of 2020 Micro Sprint and Kart action on Sunday evening with six different racers finding their way to victory lane.

Deekan McRobers and Tanner Johnson both doubled up again with Trevor Smith, Jaden Smith, Briggs Williams and Ace Moore also notching wins.

Tanner Jonson swept through the Wing and Non-Wing “A” Class Micro Sprints for the second Sunday in a row, beating Zak Moore to the stripe in both feature events.

After posting his tenth career Novice Junior Sprint win in two seasons of Little DCRP competition and his fourth of this season, McRoberts outdueled Reis Ochs to make it four-for-four on the season in Junior Sprint competition.

Jaden Smith survived a late caution to deny Daniel Williams a fourth consecutive Adult Kart win, Trevor Smith bested the Open Outlaw Karts, Briggs Williams added another Advanced Junior Sprint triumph and Ace Moore took Restricted “A” Class honors.

While action continues atop the 3/8-mile Dodge City Raceway Park clay oval with next weekend’s Fourth Annual Lubbock Wrecker Service DCRP Sprint Car Nationals along with the Seventh Annual Sport Modified Mayhem, the Little DCRP clay oval will remain idle until the season finale on Sunday, September 20, with the final round Micro Sprint and Kart action of the season.

The Finishes:

Winged “A” Class:  1. 86-Tanner Johnson, 2. 49-Zak Moore, 3. 46-Chris Hickman.

Non-Wing “A” Class:  1. 86-Tanner Johnson, 2. 49-Zak Moore, 3. 27-Shea Ricke.

Restricted “A” Class:  1. 49-Ace Moore, 2. 72-Kye Ricke.

Junior Sprints (Advanced):  1. 49-Briggs Williams, 2. 1s-Cam Smith, 3. 3k-Keenan Hernadez, 4. 49h-Isabella Holt, 5. 71-Brodie Williams.

Junior Sprints (Novice):  1. 75-Deekan McRoberts, 2. 57b-Bryan Isenbart, 3. 25-Gannon Mohler, 4. 70-Rawlin Cooley (DNS).

Open Outlaw Karts:  1.  2T-Trevor Smith, 2. 75-Randle McRoberts, 3. 01-Jesse Smith.

Adult Karts:  1. 21-Jaden Smith, 2. 212-Daniel Williams, 3. 22x-Jordan Smith, 4. 5-Gage Robertson, 5. 44-Victor Gordon, Jr., 6. 22-Cindy Holt, 7. 10-Caitlin Holt, 8. 9x-Dakota Schellhamer, 9. 316-Brent Austin, 10. 29-Noah Illk (DQ), 11. 75T-Tanner Brunson (DQ).

Junior Karts:  1. 75-Deekan McRoberts, 2. 1x-Reis Ochs, 3. 01jr-Rase Smith, 4. 8T-Travis Pack, 5. 54c-Caleb Gresty, 6. 45-Ryker Williams, 7. 57-Aiden Cox, 8. 51-Caleb Peterson, 9. 81jr-Max Cunningham.


Dodge City Raceway Park and the Little DCRP clay oval are located on the south edge of Dodge City, KS, on US 283, then 0.9 miles west on US 56, then 0.1 miles south.  For more information, contact the track at 620-225-3277 or check